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8/16 at Garden City. Flop is kinda scary and I have trash, but for… - ts4z: poker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Oct. 18th, 2007|02:36 am]
ts4z: poker


8/16 at Garden City. Flop is kinda scary and I have trash, but for some reason I think I can take the pot. I bet. Guy raises. Guy is staring right at me. If you want to know what he looked like, turn to page 13 in Caro's Book of Tells. Looks like time for a bluff to me, so I three bet. He four bets. And he's staring straight at me. So I stare straight back.

We're heads-up, so I five bet.

He calls.

The turn is a nine, giving me one shitty pair. I bet, and he folds.

I never get away with this.

8/16 at Bay 101. I have JJ in early position (UTG+2) and we get four bets in before the flop. Flop is JT3 or something with two diamonds. I bet, left-hand opponent calls, early position raises. I go ahead and three-bet, because there are two diamonds, and both players call.

Turn is another baby but doesn't fill anything in. I still have the nuts. I raise, LHO calls, and the other aggressor raises.

It's one bet to call to me, I have the nuts, there are multiple obvious draws, and we have one guy along for the ride. Do I string him along or do I bet again?

When in doubt, raise. We lose the caller, and the other aggressor calls.

The river brings in a small straight. I figure the other guy has a big pair, based on his pre-flop action; I can't put him on the small straight, so I bet again. He calls with a set of 3s which are blissfully no good.

I took a beating in this game and came back on this hand to just a little less than even. I misplayed one hand (two pair, got raised on the flop, went for the check-raise on the turn but gave a free card instead, caught the boat on the river and checked it down going for a check-raise again -- oops) and probably several others.

The Bay 101 8/16 game seems to pay off bluffs much more than the GC game. Or it was really late at night and I was trying to recover some money before I went home. Probably both, actually.

[User Picture]From: scottro
2007-10-18 07:51 pm (UTC)
$3/$6 game at the Mirage, 1999. My friend Kevin goes
bets with a guy heads-up on the river. The guy then folds 2nd pr. face up. Kevin shows an 8-high total bluff and takes the pot.

I am still in shock over this.

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