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I was in the mood to play some poker recently, so I did. As always,… - ts4z: poker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ts4z: poker

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[Sep. 24th, 2007|05:13 pm]
ts4z: poker


I was in the mood to play some poker recently, so I did.

As always, excuse the lack of details, or rather, the lack of correctness of them. I am always wondering how if I'm playing tight, I keep writing up these trash stories. I guess I'm in the blinds a lot.

Garden City 8/16, half kill. Game is limpy/passive, as usual. I call with 76o for some reason; my recollection is that I was in the BB and it was just one bet more.

Flop 997. Icky. I bet out. I have not shown down a loser in a while, and I'm pretty sure I will get called by a 9, raised by an overpair—that's just what the locals always do.

Anyway, I get a couple callers, including the guy who looks just a little like Andy Bloch. Except he has greying hair, no facial hair, and doesn't play as well.

Turn is another small card, so I bet again. Andy Bloch Lite calls, and we lose one other caller.

River is something like K. I check, because I can't bluff (slowplaying a 9 is a real possibility) and I can't value bet. Andy Bloch Lite bets. I call, because the pot is healthy.

He shows 75o. I stare at a minute, because I really expected to see a slowplayed 9. But it's a 75o after five seconds, so I turn over my 76 and keep my hand on it.

"6 plays," I say. A.B.L. looks really disappointed. Claimed 88 and 98 bitch for the next ten minutes.

Same game, different session. I'm pretty cold pre-flop still, and I've turned a $300 loss into about a $100 loss. No big deal.

I find 97♠ in the blinds. Well, good enough, I call a bet pre-flop because it's like six way action.

Flop T♠9♣8♠ looks pretty good to me. Open for one bet to me, I open for a bet and by the time it comes back around to me, it's capped. Fine.

Turn is a 6♣. Well, good enough. Bet, raise, raise, raise. Four of us!

River is like a red K. Uh, okay. I bet, and I get one call from AT♣. Guy on my left claims he folded A6♠, which sounds about right.

This turns my night around and I leave, up about $170, not too long later.

From: songmonk
2007-09-25 12:58 am (UTC)
Did you mess up the details? I'm pretty sure you're not playing an angle when you said, "6 plays". As stated, your hand is 9977K, no?
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[User Picture]From: ts4z
2007-09-25 01:07 am (UTC)
Oops. River must have been like a deuce or something.
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