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I took another shot at the Garden City 5-200 on Sunday. It went much… - ts4z: poker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 18th, 2007|04:30 pm]
ts4z: poker


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I took another shot at the Garden City 5-200 on Sunday. It went much better.

I have KK, folded to me.  I raise to $20, call by one player on my immediate left. She had been talking with the staff about just being back from the Series and cashing in the 6-handed NL event. But I have KK so I'm not real worried. Flop K55. Now I'm REALLY not worried. She checks, I check. Turn KK5A. (ding!) She bets like 40, I call. River, some baby, she bets 80, I raise, she jams, I call.  Her AQo no good and she must buy chips.

The very next hand I catch a set and make a bunch more money.

I raise with AA and win the blinds. Shit; maybe I'm not stealing enough.  So three or so hands later, I have 65♦, I raise and get a caller. Fuck. Flop is like A64. Close enough for me. I make a pot-sized bet (~$40) and I get raised all-in. I'm in trouble. But it's just $40 more and I have 5 outs and he could be bluffing (yeah, right), uh, backdoor flush, uh, so I call. And apologize and show my 6. Then, when he river comes 5, I apologize again and take the pot. I swear I was playing that hand for table image. Right.

Last big win: I start the hand with about $900 and limp in with A8♠. Lots of limping here in general. Fiveish of us take a flop with two spades. I figure this flop is pretty good so I bet out ~$35, but I get raised to $100 to-go.

I don't think quite enough about his stack, IIRC, but he's pretty deep. His raise is about $65, there's about $65 in the pot, I have 9 spades and 3 aces to draw to. I call.

(Away from the table, I've decided this is a no-brainer call given the typical opponent, but at the time it seemed a little more marginal.  Which is fine because maybe it made good Hollywood.)

Turn is a spade, a cute little spade. Now, how to get paid off? I could try for the check-raise, but that doesn't seem right. I bet out $100, IIRC. He raises $200 (the max), I sneak a quick peek to make sure that was A8♠, and I re-raise him all in. River does not pair the board. I have the nuts. He claims he had a set. Man, I love getting paid off

I'm in late position with AK.  There's a raise UTG to 15 (3-5 blinds) and then a re-raise to 45.  I let it go, and he exposes AQ♥.  D'oh.

If I'm up N times the buy-in, and the list is short, should I just stand up occasionally to rathole some money? Given the structure, the last thing I want to do is have a 3-5 blind NL game turn into a $200-limit game on the turn. When I had $400, I felt a little nervous. When I had $1000, I felt pretty nervous, and I started steering clear of the other big stack.

I need to do some thinking about when it's okay to chase flushes in this game. It doesn't come up often, but it does come up pretty regularly. I've gotten paid off both at GC and Lucky Chances doing this, but I'm afraid to try it against my home game opponents who seem a little more wise to it.

From: songmonk
2007-06-20 12:27 am (UTC)
There are times where the $200 cap is to your advantage, and there are times where it's to your detriment. If you are avoiding the other big stacks b/c of the times where it is to your detriment, try to play the situations where the situation is to *their* detriment.

And against the small stacks, of course you are still playing NL, as you know.
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