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poker confessional [Jun. 11th, 2007|12:27 am]
ts4z: poker


I played the 5-200 game at Garden City tonight. This is the closest thing to no-limit that's legal in San Jose. It went pretty badly, but I'm trying to work out what was luck and what I misplayed.

This is mostly for my future reference -- comments appreciated, but it's pretty much drivel.

I don't mean for this to be suspensful or really interesting or anything, so I'll go ahead and give away that I lost about $600 total, $60 playing 6/12 and $540 playing 5-200.

I took relatively detailed notes tonight, so I'm transcribing them here. I have filled in a bunch of other gaps from memory, so there are certainly errors, etc.

I arrived at 7:45 and the brush pointed me to an open 6/12 seat, so I took it. I got on the 8/16 list. There was only one 8/16 game running, and my plan was to get into either a $200 spread game or an 8/16 and stay there for the evening.

I got called for the 5-200 at about 8:05, hadn't won a hand, and was happy to go.

I started at 8:15, and took the big blind.

In the cutoff, I found AK (offsuit?). I raised to $15, the button cold called, and I believe the BB raised to $75. I had $192 when the hand started, I couldn't put him on AA or KK, etc., so I went ahead and jammed. He called with QQ.

I flopped an ace and doubled through and had $400.

I picked up a little pot and worked my way up to $414.

There's a $15 raise to me, and I find AsJd in the cutoff. I flat call and five of us take a flop. Flop is QdTd9d, which I think is prety good for me. The pre-flop raiser bets, I call, trying to get a call behind. But it's just the two of us. He fires again; I think he's all-in at this point, and I call. I don't improve, and he takes down the pot with KQo.

It is 9:07, I have $263.

I find A3o in middle position, and call the blinds. Flop three diamonds, Jx3. Check around (like five players). Turn J. I take a shot at the pot and I get a call from Seat 9. Seat 9 seems kind of loose, and takes a long time to make actions. I would characterize him as passive and weak, particularly after this hand. The river is a blank and I move all in for like another $160 or something, and he folds, and shows me a J!

I tell him it was a good laydown.

It is 9:08, and I have $308. By 9:31, I have $452. I don't have any notes for this section. I caught a couple nice hands like AKs, call some limpers or a raise, flop an ace, take it down. Good stuff. I am considering turning pro.

I get called for the 8/16 game and blow it off.

I have KK and it gets paid off.

10:06, @ $490.

I find KK again. There's a raise to me from the guy in seat 1. I am in seat 8 and am first to act; my notes are sketchy here. I must have been in early position.

Anyway, I open to $20 with KK. Five callers (love San Jose). Flop 976, which is a pretty scary flop. I fire out $100 and get a call from seat 1. Seat 1 has a lot of money, $600 or $700, but doesn't seem incredibly good or anything. I'm a little worried about what he has, and I really have no idea what he has.

Seat 1 calls my $100.

Turn 5. That really scares me, but I can't figure out how he could call a $20 pre-flop raise with an 8 and get there. So I fire another $100 and he calls.

River 9. I check, hoping he'll check behind. He bets $100. There's like $600 in the pot, and it's possible that KK is good, but in retrospect, I don't know how. I call.

Seat 1 shows T9h (flopped top pair, turn blank, river gives him trips).

In retrospect, it was clearly correct to bet the full $200 max bet (2/3 pot) or maybe $150 on the turn, because he probably had enough outs to call $100 on the turn.

It is 10:16. I have $150 left of my $200 buy-in and I am on tilt.

Seat 9, the weak/passive player I mentioned before, and I play a pot. I have A2s and catch bottom pair and decide to bluff the flop. But he has an open-ended draw and calls. I move all-in again on the turn (how could an 8 help him on a board of 2568?) and he calls with 87o. River blank.


It is 10:21, and I rebuy for $200. By 10:58, I have climbed back up to $272.

Seats 2 and 3 disappear; seat 7 is replaced by a chatterbox that I want to get away from. I move to seat 3.
I want to be on the left of seat 9 (deep stack, weak) seat 1 (deep stack, somewhat predictable) and seat 2 (less annoying chatterbox with a pretty good amount of money.)

Seat 7 is taken by a guy in a Steelers hat. I have played with this guy before, and I think he's a fish. I am happy to see him because he has money.

At 11:07, I have $164 left. I forget what happened here. I wasn't incredibly stupid, I think.

I'm in late position, there are several limpers to me, I have QQ. So I make it like $30 to go. Steelers Hat check-raises and makes it like $120 to go. I only have like $164, so I push it all in. He has KK and I don't suck out.

He comments that he slowplayed it because he didn't want to see an A on the flop. I have done the same thing. I can even get away from QQ, but it was hard in this situation — I don't respect this guy, and besides, I was stuck good and on tilt.

So it's 11:10, and I re-buy for $140. That's the limit of what I intended to play today.

Within a very few minutes, I find a KK again. Seat 9 has opened for $10 (min-raise), one cold call. I'm in seat 4, middle position, and make it $40 to go. Seat 9 calls and everyone else drops.

Flop QT8. Seat 9 opens for $40. I have $100 behind, so I jam.

Seat 9 has T9, a 9 comes on the turn, and I go home.

It's 11:14, and I decide it's time to go home.

Now, my question is, how badly did I play?

  • AK vs QQ (I double up): I regret this a little, because I was behind. This was a little too speculative.
  • KK vs T9, first time: This is the hand I'm most concerned with. I screwed around because I was scared, and as a result, I think I lost at least $100 extra (I could have checked the turn, or bet $200 -- either was a better move than what I did). The flop was pretty connected; it never occurred to me to overbet the pot, but I guess I should have? I suppose it wouldn't have worked either, but it would have been +EV...
  • A3, bottom pair, bluffs out trip jacks: I think I got really lucky here and should have just let the hand go pre-flop.
  • KK vs my QQ (I bust): I don't know about this. I think I could have done better, but I don't regret the pre-flop raise, although I somewhat regret jamming pre-flop.
  • KK vs T9, second time: I did okay, but I should have bought in for the full $200 or gone home. I might have been able to scare him with a bigger bet; at the very least, I did not have enough money to extract full EV.
If you made it this far, I'm sorry.

From: jimbo13593
2007-06-12 03:14 am (UTC)
There's still golf tee times available for the weekend!
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