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(This was originally posted to ts4z but that wasn't what I… - ts4z: poker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 7th, 2007|12:25 pm]
ts4z: poker


(This was originally posted to ts4z but that wasn't what I meant.)

My poker results are improving. Turns out I play way too many starting hands.

I have made quad tens twice in under 48 hours. I haven't even played that much.

The other night, I decided to play the "midnight" Bay 101 tournament. It's actually at (gasp) 1:45 AM. I placed 3rd for a nice profit. Buyin $120 (100+15+5), cash-out $570.

This is a spread-limit tournament: the max bet is 40x the big blind, so that in the early levels, there is a cap on betting, but in the later levels, the cap is greater than the total chips in play. Wacky San Jose laws.

Memorable hands:

First hand: I fold some forgettable trash. Guy #1 raises, guy #2 calls. Flop JQK, bet, call. Turn Q. Somewhere along here the money goes in, and KQ, guy #1, has doubled-up on the first hand, cracking QJ.

KK, I limp in early position. Double-up raises and there are some more callers. I bet the max (2k, out of my stack of about 3k) and everyone folds.

After 3 levels, I have turned 3k into 7900 -- not bad. Actually, the deck was incredibly kind to me. Now, I'm sure I got a lot of good cards, but I have been really hot early in tournaments (three different YACHTs, several of pmilligan's monthly tournaments, etc.). Maybe it's chance, I guess, but I'm still pretty surprised.

I try to bust someone and lose a bunch of my stack.

Dealer change. New dealer is Eileen Milligan, which is nice. We get a ten minute break after level 6 and I talk to her. She points out that the "please use a rack to move your chips between tables" is not a suggestion but a hard-and-fast rule. Good thing I'd had money before, because I might have forgotten.

Now I'm pretty healthy again.

Actually, I spent the whole night not quite listening to (perfectly reasonable) directions from the floor, which was not real smart. Like, "Put your 500 chips in two equal stacks" to make the color up to 1k easy. No, I stacked them off in pairs so I could count them. Uhh....

Anyway, back to Eileen's deal: I try to steal from late positon with A2o, but run into AK. No problem. Eileen gives me the deuce on the river. Then the table breaks again.

I take TT against A8. I'm happy it's not a race. I can't see the window when the dealer spreads the flop, but several players gasp. I assume it's a A, but no, it's a T. The whole flop — TTA — was even more impressive.

Blinds go up pretty fast in the middle. Actually, I didn't think the structure was bad, but I was pretty deep most of the time.

Game gets incredibly tight when we get near the money. I'm not used to people trying to farm their way into a refund. I steal, somewhat selectively, but I am no longer getting hit with the deck. My steals pay off and I'm paying my blinds with their money. Yay Little Green Book.

I end up with about 30k when we go from two tables to one, which is well above average and almost a healthy stack. At the final table, I manage to peak at about 37k (57 players or so, so total chips is something like 160k).

Once we got into the money, the game loosened a little. But the short stacks were doubling up, and we kept not breaking them. I am looking for opportunities to steal, but I don't want to risk my stack with a big ace against a raise.

Finally, I find I'm on the button in an unraised pot. Blinds are 1500-3k, so I raise to 10k. One of the blinds jams. I have him covered, but I have three-six offsuit. It's a pretty clear fold, so I fold, and it hits the dealer's hand and flips over face up in the muck. Everyone sees it, I think, and the dealer turns it over. I laugh.

Seat five, on my left, turns to me and says, "Did you have King Queen?"

Finally some of the short stacks start going out. We get down to six handed. One fratboy-type, the nine seat, had been at my table earlier. He wasn't awful, but he was grinding his stack into the felt pretty consistently once the game got short-handed. I think I offered a ~$500 split and this guy vetoed it pretty disgustedly.

He was in the small blind, and I was in the big blind, when I heard him mutter, "I can't play this, he's just going to raise anyway," and folds. That was pretty much true, but I made sure to keep up appearances. I thought it was nice of him to confirm that I was playing him correctly.

We get down to four-handed. I have maybe 23k. Fratboy is UTG with 6k, blinds 3k and 6k. He goes all in and busts. 3rd pays 570, 2nd 10XX, 3rd 17XX (a save for 10th was taken from 1 and 2). I never really thought to angle for a deal once I locked up 3rd, but I had about 25k in chips and it probably wouldn't have worked anyway.

The next hand I have a suited king, go all-in, get called by one of the blinds, bust, and am in the line behind the fratboy. He says, "You were just waiting for me to bust, weren't you?"

"Yeah," I say, without thinking.

I wondered if he went home thinking it was personal.

Our table was back near the door. They'd chopped it by the time I got back.

Not bad for three hours entertainment. I might do it again, but it'd be pretty hard to be happy with my performance next time.

One question. If the tournament is listed as 100+15+5, and I didn't tip on my way out, how much of a jerk am I?

[User Picture]From: dmorr
2007-06-07 09:41 pm (UTC)
My poker results are improving. Turns out I play way too many starting hands.

Like which hands did you used to play that you don't play now?

Also, I would definitely not tip if they are already withholding money for the staff.
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From: songmonk
2007-06-07 11:10 pm (UTC)
I know opinions vary widely on this, but how much is one supposed to tip if they don't withhold a tip?
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[User Picture]From: ts4z
2007-06-07 11:11 pm (UTC)
I go through phases where I start defending my blinds too much, playing unsuited connectors in early position, playing KJ under the gun, etc. Hell, maybe that's the status quo and I go through phases where I play good for a couple weeks then lapse into spewing.

Then, I resolve to tighten up, and get absolutely hit with the deck. So maybe I'm just connecting playing tight => get lucky. Which isn't really a bad link to have, but it's probably not entirely accurate, either.

(How lucky did I get last night? I had three flopped sets last night, all of which held up, but only one rivered quads. QQ survived unimproved and 88 filled up on the river and the A paired. I got paid off pretty much every time, too.)
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