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Haven't been playing quite as much poker the past few weeks, due to… - ts4z: poker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ts4z: poker

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[May. 16th, 2007|01:20 pm]
ts4z: poker



Haven't been playing quite as much poker the past few weeks, due to Jenn actually being at home, and my mom coming to visit before that.

What I have played, has been lousy.

I played the 3-100 spread-limit game at Garden City. I am going to try and steer clear of this game in the future. I have found the game somewhat rocky on a couple occasions, and even when you get people who are gambling a little, you can't make the big raises to punish them because of the $100 cap.

This, plus the fact that the rake makes it cost-prohibitive to limp at all, means the game is pretty bad. It would be okay if the stacks were bigger, or if the betting cap was $200, but as it is, I don't think it's playable.

I may try the 5-200 game, which should be better, but it's not even going all the time.

I saw exactly one happy fun gamb00lin' hand. Four players, three all-in, pre-flop. Hands KK, QQ, 33, board is like 3xxQJ, all hearts. >$400 pot, and the only really nice pot I saw. Glad I wasn't in it.

The 5-200 game may be more interesting, and closer to Lucky Chances' 1-1-2 game, but I haven't tried it. It wasn't running Sunday night.

I played two sessions of 8/16 recently, one where I was card dead and tilted off some extra chips at the end for a moderately large loss, and another where I was not quite so card dead and still blew a bunch of money. These games weren't bad, but I wasn't catching any cards. I've been pretty negative at this game lately.

Anyway, the usual.

One unusual thing: I saw a guy go on tilt because he lost $200. I mean, swearing-at-the-chiprunner tilt. We were laughing about his misfortune once he was out of earshot, but the punchline was that he ended up in a 3/6 game within a few minutes.

So, see, Dad, I did post something.

From: jimbo13593
2007-05-18 03:30 am (UTC)

Never a good sign....

I think your card rooms are the biggest ripoff in poker. Your wife is absent...have home games. Enjoy your freedom until May 10! I'm just kidding Jenn.
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