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I played the rebuy orgy tournament at Garden City today. It starts… - ts4z: poker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 24th, 2007|01:04 pm]
ts4z: poker


I played the rebuy orgy tournament at Garden City today. It starts at 10:15 and I'm writing this at 1PM, so that can't be good.

$80 buy-in gets you T1000 in chips. Rebuy anytime you're <= 1000, including immediately, for $40 for T500 in chips. Add-on, $40 for T1000, at the end of the first hour (four levels). "Spread-limit" format means it's effectively no-limit — the max limit is 50x the minimum, so it's hard to even have that many chips.

Three events of note:

(1) UTG player, who seems pretty insane, raises to 900, says "Easy to call." Blinds are 50-100. I'm on the button with TT, and all fold to me. I have T2475 and rebuys are still available. This stack is pretty average, and the structure is fast.

What should I do?

(2) After a suckout, I have a pretty good chip stack, about 5k at the break. I elect to pass on the add-on, because adding 10% to my stack doesn't seem worthwhile.

I take AQ up against 99 and miss in a completely boring confrontation.

(3) I have T2800 left, and blinds are 200-400. I am in the small blind and am looking for an excuse to jam. There are two limpers to me. I have 85o and jam, figuring my trash is live and I have some fold equity and the pot is already pretty big.

But I was very wrong. BB folds, UTG raises all-in, limper folds, and UTG shows AA.

The answer to (1) is fold, apparently. I actually jammed and got shown QQ. No problem, though—I flopped a set.

(2) is more unfortunate. I assumed the add-on was really just a re-buy, but it's not. A rebuy is T500 for $40. The add-on is T1000 for $40. But I forgot to ask ahead of time, so by the time I realized I had to take the add-on, I couldn't.